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Yoga has been one of The Satanic Yogi’s guiding lights for over ten years. After battling adversity at home in her childhood and teenage years, having struggled with depression and anxiety at a young age and losing her mother (her biggest supporter) while in college, she’s familiar with the darkness we all face within. To her, yoga has been her savior and gave her the strength to prevail. Over the last four years, The Satanic Yogi has deepened her healing journey through certified yoga teacher training, as well as specialized certified training in yoga nidra, restorative yoga, yin yoga and kundalini yoga. In addition, she is a certified reiki master, meditation guide, sound healing & sound therapy practitioner and Ayurvedic nutritionist student.

As for her satanic side, to her, Satan is a symbol of freedom. Satan represents acceptance of our animal self. Satan

represents living our lives freely, without fear of societal norms and judgment. Although Satanism and yoga are thought to be different, they are uniquely similar at their core. Satanic Yoga is The Satanic Yogi’s own personal philosophy. She takes seeds of Satanism and seeds of ancient yoga to create this hybrid philosophy plant to thread into her daily practice and teachings, including concepts on how to live peacefully, powerfully, present, and free.

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