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Gong Instructor

Jackqueline is a Mental Health Counselor who is passionate about Holistic healing. She has a degree inCounseling Psychology and is on the road to becoming a Licensed Therapist. Jackqueline is pursuing her Aroma Freedom Therapy certification online in order to use Aromatherapy as a counseling tool to help her clients break through emotional barriers. She has nine years of experience teaching various group fitness classes throughout NY, PA & NJ. This includes Hatha Yoga, Cycling, Bootcamp, Meditation and more. Jackqueline consistently pursues various branches of wellness education to broaden her scope of holistic healing.

Jackqueline had endured traumatic events during her lifetime that impacted her physical and mental health. She found meditation to be the gateway to finding all the answers she needed.

She believes that in such a fast-paced world with tremendous societal pressure, it is necessary to quiet our minds in order to begin the healing process and know our true selves. During her healing journey, she restored a light within herself that she thought was lost. She realized she wanted to share her healing power with others so they can do the same, and that is her purpose in life.

Aside from holding Gong Mediation classes, Jackqueline is a mother to her 3-year old son, Jaxon. She works as a Crisis Counselor for the National Suicide Hotline, a Life Coach at Body Mind &; Spirit, and is the Varsity Volleyball Coach for Monticello High School.

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